Company Incorporation

Creation of the Company (LLC)

To invest in the US real estate market, you need to set up a holding company called a Limited Liability Company (LLC), and open a bank account in the name of the LLC. The property is held by the LLC and you own and manage the LLC completely. One LLC can be used to hold several properties anywhere in the US.

Safeguarding Investors

LLCs safeguard investors from being held personally liable for the actions of the LLC. This limited liability protects investors from the personal risks involved if a lawsuit were to arise regarding their investment. LLCs usually do not pay taxes at the business level. Any business income or loss is ‘passed-through’ to owners and reported on their personal income tax returns. Any tax due is paid at the individual level.

Administration Simplified

Foreign investors need to complete a lot of formalities to set up an LLC and to get the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). They have to file several documents and identification paperwork with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the USA. The IRS has very exhaustive demands which can often be very inconvenient to go through on your own.

With JIN as your guide this becomes much easier and less bureaucratic because we care for your needs 24/7 with our tax experts and lawyers who are all local and on site. Our team has experience in creating LLCs for all of our investors and are able to resolve problems and offer advice in record time.

We have developed a unique business model for our remote clientele which allows them to easily set up a holding company in the US. We take care of all the formalities for the LLC set up for the investment, right down to all the necessary bookkeeping, tax reporting, and insurance. Once you fill out the LLC application, the documents are prepared by our local tax experts and lawyers.


The bank account and your LLC formation are included in our Investment Starter Package along with 1 year of accounting! Please contact us for further information on our value package.

JIN’s deadlines are quick in order to facilitate your investment experience:

  • Formation of LLC – 24 hours
  • Opening your business bank account – 24 hours
  • Obtaining an EIN (VAT) – 2 weeks