At the Urban Land Institute forum in Detroit, some of the biggest names in the development of Detroit talked about their predictions for the future of Detroit.

Peter Cummings, co-founder of The Platform (whose work is mainly in New Center, Brightmoor, Live6 and Islandview at the moment) believes that the increase in current competition increases the quality of new developments. Moreover, the Tech Center zone will flourish with the QLINE very soon.

Richard Broder, CEO of Broder & Sachse Real Estate Services, said he already sees the residential growth of cities and the more mixed income opportunities in neighborhoods. He thinks that the QLINE will be a great success, and that Detroit will feel even better in the next recession.

Matt Cullen, director of Rock Ventures LLC, made a bold statement, saying the Pistons (local team) will soon be downtown, Major League Soccer will be in Detroit and a new stadium will be built on the jail. He also said that QLINE will be a catalyst for more economic development and that public transit is the key to the region.

Sue Mosey of Midtown Detroit Inc. looked at a “magic 8 ball” for his predictions, but two were out. She said the new center would become the next Midtown, and it might be possible that we could see a 20-storey building in Woodward and Warren.

The development of the city is always at the forefront for many personalities who continue to build on its growth.