The time is right !

Why invest in Detroit in 2018?

– This allows to develop a real estate heritage while diversifying.

– Having a diversified portfolio carries less risk.

– Real estate costs significantly less than in Europe: you can acquire property between $ 40,000 and $ 70,000.

-There are undoubtedly fewer taxes to pay in the state.

-Instead of leaving your money in the bank with small interests, you have the opportunity to invest in a beneficial investment for you and your wallet.

As a foreign investor, why not choose Detroit when you are far away from managing your property? That’s why JIN designed this entire organization around your property, the team takes care of all administrative and rental management, from A to Z. We are also at your service all week in case of any questioning .


Why choose the city of Detroit?

– Detroit is a city with high potential in the real estate market with strong rental demand and very attractive prices.

-Real estate crises are most often reflected by a drop in property prices since supply largely inhibits demand. As a result, many investment opportunities are available to investors.

– The city has had difficult moments but today is in full rebirth, only new projects for the future years!

Ford is back in the heart of the city (which will offer 2500 jobs), new golf courses, new sports facilities, new parks, large chains of hotels that come back, etc …


Detroit – Ranked among the 10 global destinations of 2017, according to the New York Times!

Other things to know if you want to invest in Detroit!

-The comparison between the Dollar and the Euro is very advantageous for the investor of the euro zone.

– More than 20,000 young graduates are currently seeking housing.

– Detroit offers investors the opportunity to achieve active returns: rents remained high while the value of homes is still well below their pre-crisis value.

– 8000 families eligible for Section 8 assistance are currently waiting for housing.

JIN bet on Detroit several years ago, noting the energy invested by so many people in the renewal of this city. All these projects materialize over the days and we offer you a place in the adventure.