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Full of new things this week in Detroit!

A new article dedicated to our CEO, Justin Fontenelle. The beautiful news about Ford that officially returns to settle in Detroit and to finish a new property has recently added to the market JustInvestNow!

Let’s start with Justin….

JustInvestNow article in “La Capitale du Brabant Wallon”

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We would like to say thank you “La Capitale du Brabant Wallon” for this wonderful article written in honor of our CEO, Justin Fontenelle.

About this famous news in Detroit

It’s official! The rumor about Ford’s move to Detroit is now confirmed!

Ford Motor Company bought Michigan Central Station. 

The company just revealed the plans on June 19 at a community party at the old train station.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the company plans to bring 2,500 Ford jobs to Corktown.

The redevelopment of Michigan Central Station could take until 2022, but the free press says:

In Detroit, Ford is considering an old train station that has cafes, restaurants and shops on the first floor and offices for up to 5,000 people on the upper floors. Much of the space will be rented by Ford. The refurbished depot will be a public attraction, but also a potential revenue generator.

A bit more about the Michigan Central Station …

This beauty has dominated Corktown and Southwest Detroit for over 100 years. The birth of this station dates from 1913, it includes 18 floors with a three-story entrance hall. It has served as a transportation hub for decades, many residents over 40 remember rail boarding trains.

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