Property Management

We do our best to exceed your expectations when it comes to property management. Our property management services include

  • continuing communication
  • complete marketing and advertising
  • comprehensive tenant screening and selection
  • full-service leasing
  • timely rent collection
  • regular house inspections
  • affordable and reliable maintenance
  • firm and compliant evictions

How are my properties managed?

A valid question, because you want to invest but at the same time you want to avoid having to deal with routine issues or having to travel to your property to resolve problems. This issue is highlighted with foreign investors who are physically incapable of always being on hand and near location to visit their properties. Our own experience as investors in Detroit has clearly shown us the pitfalls of working with companies that abandon their investors to sort out their own problems once the real estate has been sold and the deal signed and closed. Causing headaches and stress for all involved.

Dedicated Local Team

What investors need is the best in property management – a dedicated local service team that will always prioritize investors demands.

At JIN we take the right approach to property management. We are with our investors from A to Z, throughout the whole process we are committed to providing them with the best experience. We firmly believe that the success and growth of our company depends entirely on our investor’s total satisfaction, and we will settle for nothing less.

We realize that your rental property is an important investment and we are devoted to the success of your real estate investment. To achieve this success, it is imperative that your property is rented out quickly so that you can maximize your rental earnings.

Complete transparency

We provide complete transparency in all our dealings with our investors. Our terms of service are simple and clear.

Every house that we manage will have a 10 percent management fee. Our local management company deals with the income and will transfer the rental income to the investor’s bank account (after fee deduction, possible taxes, insurance, and eventual property maintenance costs). If new tenants have to be found, we will search for them, at a fee equivalent to 1 month’s rent.

The facts and figures of your investment are always available to you through the interactive and personalized JIN portal. This includes detailed expenses, quotes for work to be done, status of your documents and applications among others. You can always request additional information via the email enquiry form.

Hassle-free cashflow Investment

Our goal as a property management company is to manage and sustain your property with the highest standards while giving you peace of mind that your property is in the best of hands. You can enjoy your investment without stress, we manage everything on site with the tenants and the local teams

This is how JIN stands out above the crowd and the competition. With a proactive on-site team that are ready 24/7, we are confident enough to guarantee excellent service when it comes to managing your property. A dedicated account manager will be your single point of contact. He or she will be responsible for carrying out on-site communication with tenants and service teams in case of unforeseen circumstances or the need for repair works.

So whether you are looking to maximize the return on your first investment or you are trying to manage several properties, we are dedicated to showing you the return on investment that you envisage.