Real Estate Investment

Best Investment Opportunity

At JIN we pride ourselves in having a thorough knowledge of the Detroit real estate market and we will suggest you investments that we personally believe in. Our team of real estate professionals, experts in their field, are able to cover all the bases for you and offer you a selection of hand-picked properties suited to your budget. We will assist and advise you on the properties that match your requirement and suggest the best investment opportunity for you.

Detroit’s Wayne County offers landlords the best return on their investment in the country. Investors who buy homes in the metro area can expect a 30% gross annual return from rents. That’s three times the national average of 10%. Multi-national corporations are choosing to headquarter their operations in the city which has lead to a greater influx of workers into Detroit; workers who bring their families and are always searching for a new home. The real estate market will continue to enjoy price increases as the value of houses and office space skyrocket in response to the city’s efforts to reinvent itself as an economic force to be reckoned with. Investors are encouraged to react as fast as possible to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

We know Detroit!

For a profitable and high return on investment in property, you need an honest and experienced partner who understands your real estate aspirations and can help you make the right investment, and realize your goals.

Knowing the right properties in the right areas is crucial to your investment success. We have a local team that thoroughly knows the best areas for property investment in and around Detroit. With an extensive knowledge of the property market, we have developed an extremely successful business through trust, integrity and mutual respect. We facilitate win-win business associations through proven investment plans that work. Our turn-key strategy maximizes your revenue, and our selections of properties are hand-picked personally to ensure the highest rate of return on your investment.

All-inclusive complete package

All of our properties come with warranty deeds that include renovation costs if any. We provide investors with a detailed house inspection and a professionally compiled report to highlight all the important features of the property, at no extra cost. All of our houses are tenanted and go through stringent background checks to reassure investors.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are committed to our customers and we do our utmost to provide personal assistance, support and guidance through each stage of the selection and buying process. We owe our growth and success to our clients and we make sure they get the best service in return.

We challenge ourselves to do better every day in order to assure continued growth of our business model and to satisfy our investors. Our aim is to get the best out of the real estate market and help our investors acquire their dream properties.