JIN’s investors enjoy numerous taxation advantages. We work with lawyers and tax specialists who are on site and who have extensive knowledge of US tax law.
All our lawyers and tax specialists have been practicing for many years and have taken our multiple cases pertaining to each individual’s circumstances. They will be delighted to turn complicated and tedious tax matters into simple and concise tasks for you. They will guide you in choosing the most appropriate tax structure for your personal situation.
We pride ourselves on offering top advice for our clients who will never have to worry about future tax problems or unforeseen costs. A transparent and efficient approach is the best approach for JIN.

Taxes investors can expect to pay:

1. Tax exemption of $3,950. If investors are investing as a couple and are both in the LLC, it is advantageous to do two tax returns and benefit from the two exemptions on taxes that are granted.

2. Costs related to real estate operations are deductible.

3. The tax on capital gains is taxed at 25% if the property is held for less than a year, and 15% after that time. There are solutions to avoid this type of taxation for JIN’s clients.